What Our Customers Say

We've used Malcolm's At Your Service company for many years, our customers love this home to holiday service whether to Southampton or Dover Cruise Ports or Heathrow or Gatwick Airports. - WD, Style Cruises, Ashtead

Our 60th Anniversary journey to Victoria Station for the Orient Express we knew would be the usual good service but the bucks fizz and chocolates en route were a much appreciated extra. - Mr &Mrs W, Ashtead

Thanks for looking after us. - MP, Headley

Malcolm has never let me down and if he can't drive me other drivers have been excellent. - JK (Ex BA Pilot), Wimbledon

Your fares are really good, in the past we've paid lots more for less service -numerous

Malcolm takes and collects both my teenage daughters safely to and from airports, their friends and school, wouldn't do that with anyone else. LA, Bookham

Your car is always so clean inside and out. - numerous

It's great that we know and recognise who's meeting us at the airport, you wouldn't believe the problems we've had in the past-we would! - LB, Hampton Court

This is such a comfortable car. - numerous

I'm almost blind and Malcolm takes me to a Bognor Regis respite hotel complete with Tri-wheeled walker, loads of bags and cases, etc. great I found him. - KN, Ashtead

Malcolm this time we're bringing over two fold-up bikes in boxes each about a metre square, they just fit into our big station wagon, can you collect them and us from Heathrow, no problem. - PG, Houston, Texas

My husband can't walk far and he needs to take his fold-up wheelchair can you help-no problem. - KC, Epsom

Would you mind taking our cases upstairs / bring down the stairs as we find it difficult-no problem. - numerous

I don't want or need a big limousine just a quality comfortable well maintained car and a good reliable service. -numerous

So your Sat-Nav tells you about live traffic delays and offers alternative routes, that's amazing! how much did it cost… - numerous


After travelling for over 24 hours it's always great to see you're smiling face at the barrier. - JL, Sydney, Australia

How do you know this short cut. - numerous!

Before Malcolm I was let down several times by local taxis they arrived late and once didn't turn up at all. - Unfortunately, numerous

Parked my car at Gatwick to save money, never again the waiting involved was so stressful and put over an hour on my journey time. - increasingly numerous

Sorry it's a 04.00 am pick-up… no problem - RE, Horsley

I and my team travel to London on business and pleasure lots, Malcolm meets us at Heathrow and takes us to and from our Hotels in the the City and other journeys whilst we are here, great service always. - JR, Perth, Australia 

I always use you because you're reliable. - CR(CEO), Horsley

It's been a long day I'm going to sleep now! please wake me up when we reach home. - PH, Leatherhead

Service and cost are always related. - JH (Dir Nordea Bank), Oxshott

Used Malcolm weekly for more than 4 years he has never let me down. - PB, Bookham

Our flight arrived late not a problem Malcolm tracks all flights and makes sure there's a driver to meet us.

Our holiday starts when Malcolm arrives and finishes when he drops us home.

It's always a lovely smooth effortless journey, I love the way Malcolm drives (to and from Norfolk). - BG, Oxshott

I always text Malcolm from the airport to say "we are boarding", don't know why I do it because he always tracks our flight and is at Gatwick waiting for us. - DS, Portugal